Webinář European Gas Summer Outlook & impacts of the Energy Transition and Geopolitical Shifts


Ve čtvrtek 24. března od 15:00 nabízí Refinitiv aktuální webinář k tématům plyn a energie

European Gas Summer Outlook & impacts of the Energy Transition and Geopolitical Shifts


Webinar Date: Thursday, March 24   

Webinar Time: 15:00 PM CET

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A natural gas-fed economy, around a quarter of Europe’s energy consumption comes from natural gas. But while the region is heavily dependent on gas, its production is in structural decline. Most European markets are severely import-dependent, and handful of markets are dependent on just a single source of gas – Russia – which accounted for 35% of Europe’s imports last year. With a current conflict and resulting sanctions on Russia pose a real change for Europe.
Refinitiv's leading Gas Analysts, joined by our special guest speaker, will discuss how the markets are shaping up for the summer season against the backdrop of massive geopolitical concerns and Energy Transition uncertainty.
Please join us to hear about:
• Are we witnessing a revival of big state-backed investments in natural gas?
• How are Germany, Netherlands, France adapting to Energy Transition realities?
• Energy sobriety: the easiest and cleanest energy is the one we don’t use. Can EU and its citizens step up?
• How could the Ukraine conflict affect Russian exports?
• Can Europe attract enough LNG this summer?
• European output: our expectations for Norwegian, UKCS and Dutch production for Summer 2022
• Less nuclear and coal capacity this summer: what does it mean for European gas for power demand?
• How full will Northwest European storages be at the end of the upcoming injection season?
With our speakers:
Jean-Christian Heintz  - Head of LNG, Alpiq AG
Anne Kat Brevik - Director LNG Research, Refinitiv, an LSEG business
Wayne Bryan - Director of European Gas Research, Refinitiv an LSEG business
Marina Tsygankova - Lead Gas Analyst, Refinitiv an LSEG business
Host and Moderator: Alessandro Sanos, CAIA, SCR - Global Director Sales Strategy & Execution, Commodities, Refinitiv, an LSEG Business